Thursday, September 27, 2012

This week's best grocery deals

Sandwich bread $1
Wishbone dressing $1
Pillsbury brownie/cake mix $1
7Up/A&W 12 pk $2.50
Pepsi 12 pk $3.33
London broil $1.99lb
Ground beef 85% lean $2.49lb
Boneless skinless chicken breast $1.77lb
Raspberries 6oz $.88
Kellogs cereal $1.99 (buy 4 get free milk)
sour cream $1
Sunny D 64oz $1
Resers potato/macaroni salad in deli $1

Kraft cheese chuck, slice, shreds $1.88
Farmer john sausage links 8oz $.69
Oreos $1.99
Powerade $.50
Milk ½ gal $.88
Grapes $.88
Gala apples or Bartlett pears $.77
Yoplait $.50

Fresh and Easy
Store brand bagged salad $.98
Whole chicken $.64lb
Grapes $.98lb
Cantelope $.98 ea
Store brand bacon $2.99

Milk $1.59
Michelinas frozen meals $.88
Russet potatoes 5lb bag $.99
Cherrios $1.88
Tostitos $1.88
Store brand 2 ltr soda $.69
Store brand deluxe ice cream $1.88
Raspberries 6oz $.88
Snickers/milky way bags of fun size $1.88
Yoplait $.50
Kroger chunck/shreds 16oz $2.99
Ego waffles $1.79
Dreyers ice cream $2.99

Pros ranch Market
Tomatoes $.25lb
Avocados $.50
Pork chops bone-in $.99lb
Fresh chicken leg quarter 10lb bag $.55lb
Nabisco chips ahoy cookies $1.99
Tomato sauce $.25
Chicken drumsticks $.99lb
Pork butt roast $1.70lb
Watermelon $.12lb
Brown onions $.12lb
Pinapple $.45lb
Pears $.50lb
Boneless beef ribeye steak $4.99lb
Beef stew meat $2.99lb
Marinates chicken leg quarters $.99lb
Bonless beef shoulder clod roast $2.59lb
Oranges $.25lb
Homemade fresh flour tortillas 10ct $1.29
Wednesday only
Bananas $.25lb
Russet potatoes 10lb bag $.99
Jicama $.33lb
White corn on cob $.20 ea
Thurs only
Pork shoulder picnic roast $.99lb
Bonless skinless chicken breast $1.89lb
Pork spare ribs $1.89lb
Ground beef 73% lean $1.49lb
Beef chuck steak bone in $1.99lb
Marinated Chicken fajita $.99lb

Boneless pork loin $1.99lb
Ground beef 80% lean $2.49lb
Ranchers reserve boneless top round London broil $2.79lb
Bananas $.39
Fresh express salad $.99
Kraft salad dressing $1.49
Store brand apple juice $1.49
Betty crocker brownie mix $1.49
Store brand Frozen veggies 16oz $1.29
Betty crocker cake mix $.99

Smart and Final
Chicken breast bone-in $.99lb
Breyers ice cream $2.99
Klondike bars $2.99
Powerade $.69
Red delicious apples 3lb bag $2.49
Bar S bacon $2.49
Skippy peanut butter 16.3oz $1.99
Red or gold potatoes 5lb bag $1.99

Strawberries $.99
Gala apples $.99lb
Cantaloupe/honeydew $.49lb
Red bell peppers $.33
Yellow onions $.49lb
Leaf lettuce $.88
Baby carrots $.88
Pears $.88lb
Ground beef organic $.3.99lb

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