Thursday, October 27, 2011

This week's best grocery deals

Pepsi product 12 pks $2.50 (buy 4) w/ $25 purchase
Gen Mills cereal $1.49 (buy 4)
Red grapes $.75lb
Ground beef 93% lean $2.49lb
Pork chops assorted bone-in $1.77lb
Apples gala, granny or delicious 3lb bag $2
Tombsone froz pizza $3
Nestle fun siz candy 9.2-12.5 oz $1.88
Hersheys snack sz/miniatures/or m&m mars 2 for 6
Whoppers, milk dud, twizzlers, carmels $2
Hersheys or mars m&m big bag up to 42 oz $8.99
Buy 8 mix and match
Caprisun $1.49
Velveta/kraft deluxe $1.49
Hansens apple juice 64oz $1.49
Chips ahoy cookies $1.99
Ritz crackers $1.99
Handi snack pudding $.49
Kraft singles 12oz $2.49

Cross rib or bottom round roast buy 1 get 1 free
Red grapes $.87lb
Avocados $.50
Pepsi product 12 pks $2.50 (buy 4) w/ $25 purchase
Chicken split fryer or leg quarters $.97lb
Candy corn $.99
Kraft carmels $1.99
Childs play candy assort 3.5lb pack $5.99
Hersheys jumbo16-20oz $4.99
Wonka, skittles, starburst 12 oz $2
Buy 10 mix or match
Doritos/ sneyders pretzels $1.99
Red baron froz pizza $2.49
Food club cheese chunk, cube or shred $1.29
Gen mills cereal $1.99
Bottles water 24pk $2.49
Ragu or wishbone dressing $1.49
Dole or Tropicana orange juice $2.49

Fresh and Easy
Pumpkins $3
Pork babay back ribs $3.99
Hersheys all time greats bag100 ct $8.99
M&m fun pk up to 11.23oz $3.99
Childs play candy assort 3.5lb pack $5.99

Jennio froz turkey $.59lb
Raspberries 6oz $1
Kroger cheese 16oz $2.99
Powerade $.59
Fitos/cheetos $1.99
Boneless pork loin $1.97
Ground beef 73% leab chub $1.69lb
Boneless beef roasts, bottom, eye or top round, sirloin, chuck, shoulder B1G1 free
Snickers, milkyway or muskateers fun size candy $2.50
Nestle, mars or hersheys monster bag 33.42-56oz $9.99
M&M up to 12.6 oz $2.79
Whoppers, milk dud, twizzlers, carmels $2

Red grapes $.77lb
Boneless chuck cross rib roast $2.49
Gen mills cereal $1.99
Fresh express salad $1
Childs play candy assort 3.5lb pack $5.00 (fri only)
Hershey or mars variety bag up to 42 oz$8.99
Hershey jumbo bags up to 21.1oz $3.99
Nestle, mars or hersheys snack bags 12.5 oz$2

Pinapple $.97
White, red or yellow onions $.49lb
Red, yellow or orange bell peppers $.77ea
Boneless skinless chicken breast $1.99lb

Smart and Final
Bonlesss skinless chicken breast $1.77lb
Pumpkins $2.99
Apples 3lb bag granny smith or red delicious $2

Thursday, October 20, 2011

This week's best grocery deals

AlbertsonsBoneless skinless chicken breast $1.67lb
Whole chicken fryer $.67lb
Bananas $.39lb
Eggs $1

Boneless skinless chicken breast $1.77lb
Top sirloin steak $2.99lb
Pork chops sirloin bonless $2.99lb
Roma tomatoes $.88lb
Red grapes $.88lb
Cucumbers $.44
Eggs $.99
Farmer john bacon $1.99
Florida natural orange juice $2.99
Coke 12 pks $3 (buy 4)
Pudding cups $.69
Campells soup $.69
Store brand canned veggies 3 for $1 (wed only)
Carolina turkey from the deli $1.99lb (Thurs only)
Fresh ground chuck $1.99lb (sat only)
Baby back or st ouis spare ribs $2.99lb (Mon only)

Fresh and EasyPumpkins $3


Honey crisp or ambrosia apples $1 lb
Dole salad $1
Jennie O frozen turkeys $.59lb
Milk $1.57
General mills cereal $1.99
Bonless chuck roast $2.49
Snickers, milkyway or butterfinger fun size candy $2.50

London broil $2.29lb
Navel oranges $.77lb
Russet potatoes 10lb bag $1.99
Milk $1.57
Ragu pasta sauce $1.25
Fri, Sat and Sun onlyChicken leg quarters $.79lb
Rolled gold pretzels or tostitos $1.88
Progresso soup $1.11
Breyers ice cream $2.88
Safeway salsa 24oz $2.50

Asparagus $1.67lb
Banans $.49lg
Grapefruit and honeydew $.49ea
Cantaloupe $1.25ea
Cabbage $.49lb
Cucumbers $.49ea
Chicken tenders $1.97lb
Apples all varieties $.88lb

Smart and Final
Braeburn apples $.69lb
Pumpkins $2.99
Groundbeef 73%lean $1.99lb chub

Thursday, October 6, 2011

This week's best grocery deals

Pork chops assorted $1.77lb
Store brand cheese shreds 50%off
Jimmy dean breakfast sausage $2.99
Raspberries 6oz $.97
Coke 12 pk $2.50
Eggs $.99
GM cereal $1.99
C&H sugar $2.50
Pillsbury flour $1.99
Chuck, bottom round, sirloin and cross rib buy 1 get 1 free

Ground chuck $1.99lb
Boneless cross rib, top or bottom round roast buy 1 get 1 free
Red grapes $.75lb
Gala apples $.87lb
Cantaloupe $.87ea
Powerade $.58 (buy 15)

Fresh and Easy
Gala apples $.49lb
Fresh pumpkins $3

Whole pork shoulder $1.59lb
Bottom or top round, chuck, shoulder, or sirloin tip buy 1 get 1 free
Milk $1.57
Pears $.88lb
Bar S bacon $1.99lb
Kroger cheese bar or shreds 6-8oz $1.79
Sandwich bread $.99
Apples $.77lb

Green grapes $.77lb
Refreshe soda 12 pk $2
Progresso soup $.99
Fri, Sat Sun
Classic and barilla $1.69
Barilla pasta $.89
Motts apple juice 64 oz $2
Mission tortillas $1.69


Red or green grapes $.88lb
Red or green peppers 3 for $1
Fri, Sat Sun
Hansens apple juice 64oz $1.50
Pumpkins $2
Fresh pinapple $1

Smart & FinalFoster farms whole chicken $.69lb
Russet potatoes 10lb bag $.99
Koolaid jammers $.99
Eggo waffles $1.49