Wednesday, October 24, 2012

this weeks best deals

What’s this crazy box?  If you are like me and happen to be in the grocery store with this list and some random stranger asks you, “hey, do you know where milk is on sale?”  You can say, “sure, and if you’d like all the sales and have a smart phone, scan this QR code!”  It will take them to the food storage blog that has the sales as well as lots of other tips on saving money.

Candy sales
Hersheys 100ct snack size $8.99 (A)
Hershey super snack size 51.2-53.03oz $10.99 (A)
Hershey jumbo 15.92-24.44oz $4.99 (A)
Hersheys/m&m/mars or nestle 9.2-12.5 or 9.9-12.6oz $3
Hersheys, nestle m&m mars  lg assortment bag 22.5-56.07 or tootsie childs play 56oz $7.99 (A)
Funs size candy 10.35-12.5oz $1.88 (B)
Reeses/kitkat jumbo snack size 19.5-20.1oz $4.99 (FE)
Tootsie roll childs play 3.5lb $5.99 (FE)
Hershyes all time greats 100ct $8.99 (FE)
Childs play 56-64oz $7.99(F)
Mars/wonka 9.47-12oz $2.50(F)
Hersheys or M&M 22.5-56.1 $7.99(F)
Hersheys/mars/nestle 9-12.5oz $2 (S)
Childs play 3.5lbs $6.99 (SF)
Mars fun size 55ct $7.99 (SF)
Snickes inatures 40oz $7.99 (SF)

Assorted pork chops bone-in $1.27lb
Ground beef 80/20 $1.99lb
Bananas $.39lb
Pepsi 12pk $2.50
Milk $1.59
Nabisco/ritz ceackers $1.99
Pillsbury cresants, rolls and cookies $1.99
Kraft dinners/skillers $1.69
Gogurt $1.99
Betty crocker cookie mix $1.99
Toaster strudel $1.49
Gm ceral $1.49
Caprisun koolaid jammers $1.79
Prego sauce $1.49
Totinos pizza $.69
Gold medal flour $1.99

Top sirloin $2.99lb
Ground sirloin $2.79
Russet potatoes 5lb bag $.50
Norbest turkey 10-24lb $.79lb
Asparagus $1.77lb
Dreyers ice cream $1.99
Pepsi 12 pk $2.50
Lays/fritos/cheetos $1.88
Water bottles 24 pk $2.50
Yoplait $.50
Milk ½ gal $.99
Sandwich bread $.99
Avocados $.33
Dole salad $.99

Fresh and Easy
Whole chicken $.77lb
Ground beef 80/20 $1.99lb
Strawberries $1.99
Boneless beef chuck roast $2.49lb
Pumpkins $3

Totinos pizza rolls $.99
Steam fresh veggies $.99
Sweet baby rays BBQ sauce $.99
Duncan himes cake mix $.99
Sour cream/dip $.99
All 2 liter soda $.99
Bonless hald pork loin $1.97lb
Kroger turkey $.79lb
Betty crocker boxed potatoes $.99
Michelinas entrees $.99
Barilla pasta $.99
Hunts sause $.99
Kroger cinn or cresant rolls $.99
Dole salad $.99
Buns $.99

Pros ranch Market
Fuji apples $.50lb
Iceberg lettuce $.33
Chicken leg quarters 10lb bag $.55lb
Koolaid jammers $1.59
Ground beef 73% lean $1.49lb
Mi ranchito torilla chips $.99
Pork butt roast $1.59lb
Bar S corn dogs 3lb box $3.99
Avocados $.25
Limes $.33lb
Mushrooms fresh 8oz $.99
Pumpkins $.17lb
Bosc pears $.50lb
Fresh French loaf $1
Wednesday only
Bananas $.25lb
Potatoes 10lb bag $.99
Cucumbers 7 for $.99
White onions $.25lb
Thurs only
Pork shoulder picnic roast $.97lb
Marinated chicken leg quarters $.99lb

Whole pork loin $1.88lb
Drumsticks/tighs/legs $.77lb
Bottom round roast  ranchers reserve $2.99lb
Apples $.77lb
Cheetos/fritos $2
Store brand cinn rolls/cresants $1.79

Smart and Final
Whole chicken $.79lb
Pumpkins $2.99
Bar s bacon $2.29

Avocados $.33
Apples $.88lb
Red,green,blk grapes $1.88lb
Italian, yellow, mex squash $.88lb
Leaf lettuce $.88
All ground beef 40% off

Thursday, October 11, 2012

this weeks best grocery deals

Ground beef 93% lean $2.77lb
Cantelope $.99
Quaker cereal $1.99
Land o lakes lunch meat 9 oz $1.99
Borden sliced cheese 12oz $1.99
Bar s bacon $2.99
Handi snack pudding $.50
Store brand mac n cheese $.50
Ragu $.75
Kens salad dressing $.99
Knorr pasta or rice sides $.69
Campbells chicken noodle/tomato soup $.69
Chicken of sea tuna $.69
Old orchard juice 64oz $1.49
Progresso soup $1.07
Cheetos / fritos $1.99
Minute maid orang juice pure squeezed $2.50

Milk ½ gal $.79
Sandwich bread $.79
Split chicken breast or leg quarters $.79lb
Bananas $.25lb
Red grapes $.87lb
Avocados $.33
Bottles water 24pk $2.50
Pork baby back ribs $2.88lb
Land o lakes butter $1.99
Caprisun/koolain jammers $1.49
Bulls eye BBQ sauce $1.49
Kraft boxed macaroni dinners $1.99
Kraft singles 16 slices $1.99

Fresh and Easy
Pumpkins $3
Apple juice $1.50
Roma tomatoes $.75lb
Salad $.98

Ground chuck 80/20 $2.49lb
Pears or gala apples $.79lb
Boneless skinless chicken breast $1.99lb

Pepsi 2 ltr $.99
Tombstone frozen pizza $2.50
Breyers ice cream $2.79
Chips ahoy  $2
Nabisco crackers $2
Lean cuisine/stoffers froz dinners $2
Quaker cereal/oatmeal $2
Store brand cheese bar or shred 8oz $1.88
Store brandYogurt $.33
cottage cheese, sour cream, dip 24oz $1.88
ore ida hash browns $2.50
banquet sausage links $.88

Pros ranch Market
Tomatoes $.25lb
Jalepenos $.25lb
Pepsi 12 pk $2.50
Pork country style ribs $.97lb
Avocados $.50
Store brand sugar 4lb bag $1.79
Ramen 12pk $1.99
Chicken drum stick/thigh $.77lb
Pork stew meat $1.79lb
Ground beef 73% lean $1.79lb
Whole chicken $.99
Cucumbers $.17 ea
Limes $.33lb
Fresh broccoli $.50lb
Carrots 1lb bag unpeeled $.33
Pork spare ribs $1.59lb
Watermelon $.12lb
Corn on cob $.25
Cantaloupe $.25lb
Wednesday only
Brown onions $.12lb
Bananas $.25lb
Iceberg lettue $.33
Red plums $.33lb
Red potatoes $.25lb
Thurs only
Smoked ham Bafar brand in deli $.99lb
Pork sirloin chops or roast bone-in $.99lb
Beef top round steak $2.29lb

Assorted pork chops $1.99
Ranchers reserve boneless beef chuck cross rib roast $2.99lb
Corn on cob $25 ea
Keebler crackers $1.99
Barilla pasta $1

Smart and Final
Store brand chicken legs or thighs $.99lb
Russet potatoes 5lb bag $.69
Pumpkins $2.99
Aunt jemima syrup 24oz $1.99
Aunt jemima pancake mix $1.99

Red grapes $.88
Yellow onions $.50lb
Red bell pepper $.33
Green bell pepper $.50
Leaf lettuce $.99
Yams $.99lb
Valencia oranges $.88lb
Sirloin tip roast $2.99lb