Thursday, January 19, 2012

This week's best grocery deals

Milk $1.57
Boneless skinless chicken breast $1.67lb
Blueberries 6oz $.99
Pork loin boneless $1.99lb
Buy one get one free roasts
Buy 8 mix and match:
Ragu pasta sauce $.99
General mills cereal $1.99
Kellogs cereal $1.99
Wishbone dressing $.99
Pepsi product 20 pack $4.99
Keebler cookies $1.99

Top sirloin steak $2.97lb
Red grapes $.97lb
Store brand cheese chuncks, cubes or shreds $1.88
Buy one get one free roasts
Fri-Sun only
Roma/slicing tomatoes $.77lb
Fritos, cheetos or store brand potato chipd $1.88
Gaterade $.88

Strawberries $1.68
Milk ½ gal $.98
Gaterade $.88
Banquet entrees $.88
Hamburger helper $.88
Hunts pasta sauce $.88
Barilla pasta $.88
Kroger lt tuna $.68
Krager cheese bar or shred 16oz $2.98

London broil $2.29lb
Hillshire farm lunch meat $2.99
Milk $1.57
Fresh express salad $.99
Assorted pork chops$1.99lb

Blackberries $.77
Braeburn, fui and Jazz apples $.77lb

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

This week's best grocery deals

Quaker and post cereal $1.99
Caprisun/koolaid jammers $1.66
Hot pockets $1.66
Jennio turkey breast from deli counter $3.88lb
Red grapes $1.49lb
Prego sauce $1.50
Block cheese 8oz $1.99
Pepsi product 12pk $3.33

Whole chicken fryere or leg quarters $.67lb
Farmland port loin $1.87lb
Roma or lg tomamtoes $.77lb
Strawberries $.97lb
Shamrock farms products 40% off
Carolina turkey breast from deli $1.99lb (thurs only)
Fresh ground chuck $1.99lb (sat only)
Whole pinapple $.97 (Mon only)
Fresh spinish, or leaf lettuce $.99
Blue or black berries $2.50 6oz

Fresh and Easy
Cherries $1.99lb

Cross rib roast or texas broil $2.99lb
Whole chicken 50% off
Bar s bacon $1.99
Spiral sliced ham $.99lb
Blue/blackberries $1.50 6oz
Cherries $2.49lb
Pepsi 12 pk $2.50 (buy 4)
Kroger lt tuna $.68
Tomato sauce 8oz 5 for $1
Frys water 24pk 16.9oz $2.50
Kroger cheese shred or bar $1.79

Whole boneless pork loin $1.99lb
Beef bottom round roast $2.99lb
Naval oranges $.49lb
Apples gal, fuji, red del. Or granny $.99lb
Ground beef 80% lean $2.99lb

Blueberries 1pt $1.69
Apples gala, fuji, braeburn $.99lb
Naval oranges $.33lb
Red, green or romaine lettuce $.88
Boneless skinless chicken breast $1.97lb

Smart and Final
Boneless skinless chicken breast $1.89lb
Cantelope 3lbs for $.99
Ragu pasta sauce $1.25
Bar s bacon $2.49