Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Weeky ads July 27 to Aug 2

Ground beef 85% lean $1.99lb
Cantelope $.69ea
GM cereal $1.77
Kraft cheese shreds/chunk $1
Am beauty pasta $.77
Boneless Chuck, sirloin, bottom round or cross rib roast/steak $2.99lb
M&M/Mars single candy bars $.29ea

Assorted pork chops $1.67lb
Milk $1.57
Yellow peaches $.47lb
Bonelsess beef round steak $1.87lb
Blk/Red plums $.77lb

Ground beef 93% lean $1.98
Bar s bacon $1.98
Boneless pork loin
Groundbeef 80% lean $1.99
Strawberries $.77
Peaches $.77lb
Whole pork loin $1.88lb
Michelinas frozen entres $.88
Green grapes $.88lb
Kroger frozen veggies $.88
Kroger canned fruit $.88
Naval oranges $.88lb

Blueberries 4.4oz $.77
Cantaloupe $.77ea
Seedless watermelon $.33lb
Boneless skinless chicken breasts $1.88lb
Red, yellow, or white onions $.50lb

Smart & Final
Dozen eggs store brand $.99

Thursday, July 21, 2011

This week's best grocery deals

Pork spare ribs $1.77lb
Peaches $.68lb
Stoufeers or lean cuisine $1.66
Coke product 12 pks $2.75
Caprisun/koolain jammers $1.66
Bottled water 24pk 16.9oz $2.49
Prego $1.49
Coolwhip $.99
Hot pockets $1.49
All $.50 each (limit 4 each)
Michaelinas zap ems
Store brand mac n cheese
Chicken of the sea white tuna
Store brand chicken noodle and tomato soup
Handi snacks pudding

Strawberries $.88
Blueberries 11oz $1.88
Tyson bacon $2.88

Fresh and Easy
Mini watermelon $1.99
Apricots $.98lb

Milk $1.57
Boneless skinless chicken breast or tenderloins $1.67lb
Iceberg, romaine, or leaf lettuce $.88
Kroger canned veggies $.50
Ground beef chub 73% lean $2.20lb
Avocados $.88

Boneless round steak $1.99lb
Pork loin chops $1.79lb
White/yellow corn 5 for $1
Red/blk plums $.77lb
Milk $1.79
Bottled water 24pk 16.9oz $2.88
Check out their in-ad coupons

Peaches nectarines $.49lb
Cantaloupe $.49ea
Mangos 3 for $1

Smart & Final
Ground beef 73% lean 5 lb chub $1.89lb
Eggo waffles 12.3 oz $1.50

Thursday, July 7, 2011

This week's best grocery deals

Porkchops, pork roast or spare ribs $1.77lb
London broil $1.99lb
Strawberries 4lbs for $3.88
½ gal milk $.88
Beef bottom round, shoulder, chuck or sirloin tip roast or steak $2.99lb
Buy 8 of the following for these prices:
Trix/Yoplait multi pack yogurt $1.49
GM cereal $1.99
Albertsons cereal $.99
Bread $.99
Powerade $.49
Donald duck orange juice $1.49
Hot pockets $1.49
Tombstone pizza $2.88

Beef boneless round steak $1.79lb
Beef ground chuck $1.89lb
Strawberries $.75
Blueberries 12oz $1.50
Yellow onion $.49lb
Mangos/cucumbers $.33
Asparagus $1.99
Buy 8 of the following for these prices:
Apple juice 64oz store brabd $1.49
Fiesta soda 2 ltr $.49
puddig cups 4 pk$.48
store brand chips and crackers $. 49

Peaches $.47lb
Tomatoes $.77lb
Milk ½ gallon $.75 (white or chocolate)
Fresh broccoli/cauliflour $. 77
Oranges/pears $.77lb
½ gal lemonade $.75
Kroger yogurt $.33

Strawberries $.96lb
Ground beef 80%lean $1.99lb
Peaches $.96lb
Boneless pork loin$1.99lb
Milk $1.79

Cherries $1.88lb
Chicken tenders $1.99lb
Watermelon $.25lb