Monday, September 28, 2009

Powdered Milk Taste Test --Part 3 and the final

Brand B is United Dairyman Non fat Dry Milk - is sold in 50 pound bags at the Milk and More Store which is on the southwest corner of Broadway and Hardy in Tempe. It is $55.00 and will make60 gallons of milk. This is the least expensive of all the products at $.92 per gallon!

Nonfat, powdered, dry milk is prepared by removing water and milk fat from pasteurized fresh milk. It is fine textured and reconstitutes easily in water with agitation. It is made by spraying concentrated milk into hot air or also known as "spray drying".

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Results of Powdered Milk Taste test Part 2

Brand C -LDS Cannery Nonfat Milk -- sold in cans on ward canning day for $5.30 per can or in a 25 lb bag for $24.80. Each can will make 4.3 gallons. That's $1.23 per gallon!

This is a dense dairy dehydrated milk powder that takes a good bit of mixing to get it to dissolve back into liquid without lumps. Try using a blender or wire wisk. It is milk that is basically spray-dried and put through one pass in the dehydration process. For the best flavor, shelf life is 3-5 years. After that, the flavor can start to definitely go down hill, although it is still usable for up to 10+ depending on storage environment. It can be used in all cooking. Do make sure it is well blended into dry ingredients when added in as a powder, or you can get powdered milk lumps.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Results of Powdered Milk Taste Test

Brand A -- Morning Moo sold at Costco for $57.99. This bucket will make 52 gallons of milk. That's $1.12 per gallon.

Morning Moo is a milk alternative and it doesn't have as much protein, so be careful when using it for babies. They use sweet dairy whey as the base and then add vitamins A and D to fortify this low fat product. It only contains 9% lactose instead of the 20% milk has and it has a 10 year shelf life.

Come back next week for Brand B!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

October 16 cannery items

Pinto Beans $4.25
Dry Milk $5.30
AppleSlices $4.90
Carrots $7.10
Macaroni $3.55
Reg Oats $2.05

Orders due Sept. 25th