Wednesday, April 27, 2011

This week's best grocery deals 4/27-5/3

Albertsons½ gal milk $1
Store brand waffles $1
Store brand syrup $1
Hansens apple juice 64oz $1.50
Armour sausage links $1
Kellogs cereal $1.99 (limit 4)
Fresh express salad $1
Cantaloupe $1
Chuck, shoulder, bottom round roasts Buy 1 get 1 free (comes to $3 lb)
London broil or family pk steak buy one get 1 free (comes to $3 lb)

Strawberries $.95
Sanderson farms drumsticks, thiaghs or leg quarters $.69lb
Boneless center cut pork chops $1.89lb
Cucumbers/bell peppers $.50
Watermelon $.18lb
Yoplait yogurt $.38 ea (must buy 10)
Kellogs cereal, pop tarts, fruit snacks or crispy treats $1.95

FrysChicken breast boneless skinless $1.88lb
Red Grapes $.79lb
Pepsi 2 ltr $.84
Ribey steak ½ price
Kroger bagels 5ct $1
Kroger cream cheese $1
Kellogs cereal $1.68
Kroger yogurt 10 for $4 ($.40 ea)
Navel oranges 3lb for $.99
Mini seedless watermelon $2.50
Gala apples $.99lb
Texas broil $2.99lb
Cross rib roat or steak $2.99lb

Safeway Top round London broil $2.49lb
Boneless pork sirloin chops $1.59lb
Fresh mushrooms 8 oz $.99
Milk $1.79
4 day sale (wed-Sat)Fritons/cheetos $1.75
Cheezit or keebler fudge shop cookies $1.49
Red grapes $.97lb
Kraft salad dressing $.99
Barilla pasta $.88
Afeway apple juice $1.49
Bar S meat franks $.88
Chicken of sea solid white tuna $.88
Entamens donuts $2.50

Thursday, April 14, 2011

This week's best grocery deals

Sanderson farms whole fryer $.69lb
Blue bunny ice cream/novelties $2.27
Doritos $1.88
Pepsi 12 pk $2.44 (buy 4)
London broil/cross rib roast buy 1 get 1 free
Jennio turkey from deli $2.99lb
Kraft deluxe/vekveeta mac n cheese $.99 (in store coupon)
oreos $1.99 (in store coupon)
digiorno frozen pizza $3.99
hot pockets $1.49
casa fiesta refried beans 3 for $1
post honey bunches of oats cereal $1.77

Bashas all coupons worth $1
Pork chops assorted value pk $1.17lb
Dole classic salad $.88
Cucumbers $.50
Red delic., fuji, or gala apples $.88lb
Corn on cob 3 for $1
Water 24pk 1/2ltr bottles $2.50
Tyson bacon $2.50
GM or food club cereal $1.97
Powerade $.50 ea
Rotisserie chicken $3.99 (Thurs only)
Ground chuck $1.99lb (sat only)
food club pasta $.50
fresh crusty bread $.98

Fresh and Easy
Smithfield half ham $.77lb
Spiral sliced ham $1.27lb
Gold medal flour $1.99

Red grapes $.74lb
Bartlett pears $.74lb
Beef roasts buy 1 get one free
Boneless skinless chicken breast $1.99lb
Gaterade $.79
Pepsi 12 pk $2.50
Kroger cheese 6-8oz $1.66
Kroger sugar 4lb bag $1.99
Eggs $.99
Pillsbury cake mix $.77
Mini watermelon $2.99

Boneless beed round steak $1.99lb
Cantelope $1
4 day sale Fri-mon
Boneless skinless chicken breast $1.99lb
Fresh express salad $.99
Red baron pizza $2.99
7up or pepsi 12 pk $2.49

Strawberries $1.50
Seedless watermelon $1.50
Boneless skinless chicken breast $1.99lb

Thursday, April 7, 2011

This week's best grocery deals

Albertsons Ground chuck $1.99lb Milk $1.67 Cantaloupe $1 Mix and match (10 for $10) Store brand cereal Pepsi 2 ltr Barilla pasta Fresh express salad Eggs Banquet meals Bashas all coupons worth $1 Sanderson farms split chicken breast or fryers $.88lb Water 24 pk $2.77 Doritos or ruffles chips $1.88 Eggs $.99 Red grapes $.79 lb Bananas $.39 lb Green or red leaf lettuce $.88 ea Bell peppers $.88 White, yellow or red onions $.48lb Fresh and Easy Strawberiies/ blackberries $1.50 (buy 2) Frys Dole salad kit $.99 Boneless pork loin $1.99lb Fresh mushrooms 6-8oz pk $.99 Navel oranges $.33lb Milk $1.77 Post, quaker or Kroger cereal $1.88 Doritos/pretzels $1.99 Banquet chicken nuggets $3.99 Big K soda 2ltr $.66 Safeway Boneless skinless chicken breast $1.99lb Gala apples $.88lb Fresh broccoli $.88lb Tomatoes on vine $.97lb SproutsTomatoes on vine $.97lb Grapefruit 3 for $1 Mangos $.69 Strawberries 1lb $1.25 Pork loin chops $1.99lb Smart and FinalBoneless skinless chicken breast $1.79lb value pk Brown onions 5lb for $1