Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I hate to clean! But more than cleaning, I hate spending hundreds of dollars every year on the supplies to do it. Here's a link to make your own cleaning products, oh and bonus--they're non-toxic. www.eartheasy.com/live_nontoxic_solutions.htm


Ever shopped at the 99 cent store? This guy makes entire meals using only items found there. Try some recipes and let me know how they are. http://http://the99centchef.blogspot.com/

16 WAYS TO SAVE $100

I came across a Readers Digest article on how to save money. They included such things as changing the deductibles on your car insuance and challenging your property taxes. Here's the link: http://http://www.rd.com/advice-and-know-how/16-ways-to-save-100/article12622.html

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

June 19th Cannery Items

White Beans $5.20

Red Wheat $2.95

Dry Onions $7.15

Refried Beans $4.05

Hot Cocoa $6.70

White Flour $3.30

If you are interested in going to the cannery to can and purchase any of these items, please let me know by May 29th. Our canning date is June 19th at 1pm. You need to have a personal check as the cannery does not have cash to make change. Please do not fill out your check ahead of time as sometimes items are unavailable. Please contact me if you have any questions katiehuston@gmail.com or 218-1891.


What will you do if disaster strikes your neighborhood: a fire, a riot, a flood, a tornado, a hurricane, or an earthquake? The most critical need for help after the disaster is during the first 72 hours, yet community and government assistance will probably not be available during this period.


This is a survival kit. You will want to be comfortable but not extravagant.

Ideas for Food: Beef Jerky, Saltine Crackers, Gum, Cup-o-soup, Roast Beef Hash, Cheese & Crackers, Beef Stew, Tuna pouches, Chili, Dried Beef, Ravioli, Fruit Cups, Applesauce Cups, Vienna Sausages, Pudding Cups, Soup, Cookies, Cereal (in zip lock baggies), Top Ramen, Powdered Milk, Fruit Rolls, Packages of Raisins, Packages of Peanuts, Granola Bars, Beef Sticks, Box Juices, Hot Cocoa Mix, Suckers, Hard Candy, Trail Mix, Power Bars, Water bottles (at least 3 per day)

Each person will need:

Backpack to carry their own food and supplies (check local thrift stores)

Plastic bowl and spoon(old cool whip containers work great)

Flashlight (store batteries separately)

Roll of Toilet paper and plastic grocery bags for sanitation

Pancho or large garbage bag

Entertainment (crayons, coloring books, puzzles, etc)

Small blanket or space blanket

Change of clothing stored in plastic bag

Parents and older children can distribute these into their larger packs or in “Home Depot” type buckets with lids:

Sterno, latex gloves, family records and valluables, femenine hygeine needs, disposable diapers, medications for three days (include Tylenol, tums, etc.), First aid kit, hand towel, radio, Can opener, pot, and pot holder, utility/pocket knife, Small Ax, Heavy Gloves, tarp, and matches