Wednesday, March 28, 2012

This week's best grocery deals

Chicken breast, sirloin steak and tilapia filets buy 1 get 2 free
Red grapes $.69lb
Pepsi 12 pk $2.47
Eggs $.99
Buy 8 mix or match
Kellogs/quaker cereal $1.99
Powerade $.58
Kraft/velveta mac n cheese $.99
Caprisun/koolaid jammers $1.79
Reesers deli salads 16oz $1


Mil $1.57
Boneless skinless chicken breast $1.67lb
Ground chuck 80/20 $2.27lb
Strawberries 16 oz $1.33
Avocados $.33
Pepsi 12 pk $2.50
Cheese chuncks, shreds or cubes $1.88
General mills cereal $2.77
Carolina oven roasted or smoked deli turkey $1.99lb (thurs only)
Cantelope $1.50 ea (mon only)
Fritos cheetos $1.69 (tues only)

Fresh and Easy
Jennio frozen turkey $.59lb
Spiral sliced ham $1.47lb
Smithfield half ham $.97lb

Chef boy r dee pasta $.88
Banquet froz entrees $.88
Hunts pasta sauce $.88
American beauty pasta $.88
Dole salad blends or kits $1
Cantaloupe $.99ea
Jazz/gala apples $.88lb
Beef roast chuck, bottom round, sirloin tip, eye of round or top round Buy 1 get 1 free
Boneless skinless chicken breast $1.67lb
Pepsi products 12 pk $2.50
Eggs $.98
Kroger dip/sour cream $.98
Ham/hotdog buns $.98
Kroger cheese shreds slices 6-8oz singles 16ct $1.78
Kroger frozen veggies 9-12oz $.88
Bar S bacon $1.97

Pros ranch Market
Tomatoes 4lbs $.99
Mazonal oil 40oz $2.49
Celery 3 for $.99
Chicken drum sticks $.65lb
7 bone chuck $2.68lb
Cucumbers 6 for $.99
Brown onions 6lbs for $.99
Pepsi 2 ltr $.87
Wednesday only
naval oranges 7lbs for $.99
Bananas/tangerines $.33lb
Thursday only
Picnic pork roast $.98lb
Fri-Sun only
Borden am cheese 12oz $1
Bumble bee tuna $.59

Kellogs ceral $2.50
Boneless chuck or cross rib roast $2.99lb
Red or green grapes $1.28lb
Red, gala or fuji apples $.97lb

Blackberries 6 oz $.99
Red bell peppers $.49
Fuji/gala apples & pears $.99lb
Red or green leaf/ romaine lettuce, cauliflower, celery $.88
Spiral sliced ham $1.97lb

Smart and final
Navel oranges 5lb bag $1.99
Farmer john spiral sliced ham $1.59lb
Imperial butter $.69

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

This week's best grocery deals

Chicken breast bone-in $.99lb
Ground beef 93% lean $2.97lb
7up/coke product 12pk $2.50
Clementine cuties 3lb bag $2
Sara lee bread $1.49
Gaterade $,69
Campbells tomato/chik noodle $.50
Candy bars M&M, Mars, Nestle or Wonka $.50

Whole Chicken $.77lb
Farmer John bacon $1.99
Strawberries $1.48
Green grapes $.88
Top sirloin $3.47lb
Water bottles 24pk $2.77
Bone in pork ribs country style $1.47lb

Blackberries $.98
Pears/ gala apples $.88lb
Navels/tamgelos $.88lb
Kroger cheese bar/shred 16oz $3.29
Powerade $.69
Ragu $1
Sandwich bread $1
Chick of sea tuna $.69
Assorted pork chops $1.47lb
Milk $1.57
Avocado $.88
Buy 10 mix or match
Pepsi 2 ltr $.97
Lays/Doritos $1.99
Sunny D 64oz $.99
Pringles $.99
Post cereal $1.99
Breyers ice cream $2.49
Caprisun $1.79
Oreos $2.49

Pros ranch Market
London broil/top round steak $2.98lb
coke product 20 pk $4.99
pork spare ribs $.98lb
Brown onions 9lb for $.99
Tomato sauce 4 for $1
Kellogs cereal $2.50
Sugar 4lb bag $1.99
Koolaid jammers $1.59
Thursday only
Pork picnic roast $.98lb
Pork sirloin chops $.98lb
Split beef back ribs $1.98lb
Fri-Sun only
Hickmans medium eggs $.79
oranges 10lb for $.99
ground beef 70/30% $1.59lb

Red baron pizza $2.99
7up/A&W 2 ltr $.99
Cheezit $2.25
Ground beef 90% lean $2.99lb
GM cherrios/lucky charms $2.50
Kellogs pop tarts $1.88
Green grapes $.88
Fresh express salad $.99
Boneless skinless chicken breast $1.88lb
Fri-Mon only
Strawberries 3lb $5.00
Quaker cereal 18-20 oz $2.49

Pineapple $.97
Apples $.88lb
Black berries/strawberries $2.00
London broil $2.99lb
Boneless skinless chicken breast

Smart and final
Pork loin roast
Chips ahoy $1.99
Milk $1.59
Ice cream 48oz $2.49
Chunk cheese 16oz $2.79

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

This week's best grocery deals

Ground beef 93% lean $2.79
Asparagus $.99
Red, yellow, orange bell peppers $1
7up/A&W 12 pks $2.50
Doritos $1.99
Chips ahoy $1.99

Milk $1.57
Beef bottom round, cross rib or chuck roasts B1G1Free
Boneless top sirloin steak $2.97lb
Boneless pork chops $2.97
Strawberries $1.50
Fresh pineapple $.97
Romaine, green, red leaf lettuce $.77
Avocados 3 for $1
Ground chuck $2.49
Oscar meyer products 40% off
Kellogs/kasha cereal B1G1free

Boneless skinless chicken breast $1.88lb
Cheetos/fritos $1.88
Coke/7up products $2.50
Sandwich bread $.98
Ambrosia apples $.88lb
Clementines 3lb bag $1.98
Michelinas entrees $.88

Pros ranch Market
Bar-S Sliced Bacon- $2.50
Tomatoes 5lbs for $.99
Mushrooms 8oz pkg $.99
Jicama 3lbs for $.99
Half ham leg shank $.89lb
Ground chuck 80% lean $2.98lb
Boneless pork loin roast $2.79lb

Mangos 4 for $.99
C & H sugar 4lb $1.97
Wed produce specials
Limes 3lbs for $.99
Cucumbers 9 for $.99
Iceberg lettuce 3heads for $.99
Passilla chillies 3lbs for $.99
Thurs meat specials
Bone-in pork chops $1.58
Bar S corn dogs 3 lb box $4.99

London broil $2.99lb
Boneless pork loin chops $2.99lb
Strawberries $1.50
Fri-Mon only:
Red del., fuji, or gala apples $.99lb
Safeway fruit pies $2.99
A&W/7up $2.49
Oreo/honeymaid grahams $1.99

Red/grapes $.97lb
Red/green bell peppers $.49
Pineapples $1.50
Mangos $.49
Pork loin roast $1.97

Smart and final
Boneless skinless chicken breast $1.97
Russet potatoes 10lb bag $1.79
Shasta 12 pk $1.99

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