Wednesday, August 29, 2012

This weeks best grocery deals


Watermelon $.17lb

Coke products 12 pk $2

Bottles water 24pk 16.9oz $2

Lays chips $1.77

Gaterade $.69

Yoplait yogurt $.50

Hot dogs all national brands b1G1F

Bakery apple pie $2.99

Ground beef 93% lean $2.77lb

London broil $2.99lb


Pork baby back ribs $2.77lb

Cantelope $.19lb

Frito lay chips $1.77

Hot dogs all national brands b1G1F

Corn o cob $.15 ea

Boneless skinless chicken breast $1.67lb

Pepsi 12 pk $2.22

Powerade $.50

Nabisco crackers $1.88

Oscar meyer deli fresh meats $2.50

Fresh and Easy

Boneless beef tri tip roast $2.99lb

Pork spare ribs $1.99lb

Grapes $.98lb

Cantelope/honey dew $.98 ea

Strawberries $.98

Avocados $.50


Coke/pepsi/7Up 12 pks $2.22

Green grapes $.69lb

Pork spare or back ribs $2.97

Nectarines $.75lb

Popscicle 8pk treats $1

Cottage cheese sour cream or dip $1

Cool whip/cream cheese $1

Frys buns $1

Sweet baby rays BBQ sauce $1

Totinos party pizza $1

Kroger cheese bar/shred/slice 6-8oz $1.88

Gaterade $.

Pros ranch Market

Citrus punch 1 gal $.69

Tomatoes $.20lb

Watermelon 7lbs for $.99

Bone in beef chuck blade steak $1.99

Chicken leg quarters 10lb bag frozen $.49lb

Store brand ice cream tub 4.5 qt $4.99

Ground beef 73% lean $1.89lb

Chicken drumsticks $.99lb

Beef 7 bone roast $2.59lb

Marinated bonless chicken let meat $1.79lb

Pork butt roast or steak $1.79lb

Braeburn apples $.79lb

White onions $.25lb

Fresh broccoli $.50lb

Fresh Mushrooms 8oz $.99

Tortillas white or wheat 10ct $1.00

KC masterpiece 18oz $.99

Salad package 1lb bag $.99


Corn on cob $.20ea

Limes $.25lb

Avocados $.50ea

Boneless beef ribeye $3.99lb

Kraft BBQ sauce $.99

Powerade $.79

Wednesday only

Bananas $.25lb

Russet potatoes 10lb bag $.99lb

Cantelope $.20lb

Thurs only

Boneless beef bottom round steak $2.29lb

Marinated pork chops $1.49lb

Pork spare ribs $1.89

Boneless skinless chicken breast $1.89lb

Pork stew meat $1.89lb


Tony romas ribs 16oz $5

Corn on cob $.20

Bakery fruit pies $3.99

Lucerne ice cream 1.5 qt $1.88

Kraft singles $1.79

Smart and Final

Pork spare ribs $1.67lb

8 in pies $2.99

Watermelon $2.99 ea


Avacadow $.33

Yellow onions $.50lb

Limws $.20ea

Baby carrots $.99

Thursday, August 23, 2012

This Weeks Best Grocery Deals

Chuck or cross rib steak $2.97lb
Tri tip or top sirloin $3.97lb
Boneless sknless chicken breast or thighs $1.67lb
Banans $.39lb
Pepsi products 12 pk $2.50
Kellogs, GM, or quaker cereal $2.50 ea14-21oz (buy 4)
Pears $.49lb
Cheese store brand shreds $1.99
Ice cream store brand 1.5qt $1.99
(check out in-ad coupons…pick up in front of store)

Utah peaches $.77lb
Coke products $2.25lb
Grapes red/green $.77lb
Beef roasts buy 1 get 1 free
Assorted pork chops $1.57 lb
General mills cereal $1.50 (limit 8)
Extra large 16” deli pizza $5 (thurs only)
Split chicken breast bone-in $.97lb
Cantelope $.25lb (mon only)

Fresh and Easy
Boneless beef tri-tip roast $2.99lb
Avocado $.50
Store brand yogurt $.50

Roma tomatoes $.88lb
Boneless skinless chicken breast$1.88lb
Kroger frozen veggies 9-12 oz $1
Kroger cheese bar, slice or shred 6-8oz $1.88
Raspberries 6oz $.98
Buy 10 and save
Am beauty pasta $.49
Del monte/SW tomatoes $.79
Fiber one/nature valley granola bars $1.99
Ground beef 93% lean $2.88lb
Pepsi 2 ltr $.99
Marie calendar dinners $1.89
Betty crocker fruit snacks $1.49
Kroger singles cheese 16ct $1.29
Toaster struedal $1.49
Fri-Sunday only
Milk ½ gal $.77
Sandwich bread $.88
Dreyers ice cream $1.99
Beef brisket $1.99lb
Mini watermelon $1.50

Pros ranch Market
Coke/fanta/barqs rootbeer $.79
Mnagoes 5 for $.99
seedless watermelon 6lbs for .99
beef bottom round steak $2.29lb
chicken drumsticks $.79lb
bottles water 24pk $2.25
frozen veggies 16oz $.79
powerade $.79
store brand waffles $1.25
ground beef 73% lean $1.79lb
beef stew meat or short ribs $2.99lb
strawberries $.99ea
bananas $.25lb
pears $.33lb
tomatoes $.33lb
mangoes 5 for $.99
Oranges 5lbs for $.99
Brown onions 6lbs for $.99
Iceberg lettuce 3 for $.99
Wednesday only
Corn on cob 5 for $.99
Bananas $.25
Red grapes $.79
Nectarines $.50lb
White rose potatoes 5 lbs for $.99
Baby carrots $.99
White onions $.33lb
Avocado $.59
Thurs only
Chuck blade steak bone-in $1.99lb
Beef sirloin for stirfry $2.99lb
Pork sirloin chops bone in $.99lb

Red/green grapes $.79lb
Ground beef 90% lean $2.99lb
GM cereal $1.49
Ranchers reserve boneless London broil $2.29lb

Smart and Final
Eggo waffles $1.49
Ocean spray juice 64oz $1.88
Milk $1.59
Beef chuck steak/roast $2.99lb

Red,black, green grapes $.69lb
Watermelon $.44lb
Squash $.99lb
Romain or leaf lettuce $.99

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

This Weeks Best Grocery Deals


7Up 12 pks $2.50

Milk $1.67

Kellogs cereal $1.88

Cheetos/fritos $1.99

Pork spare ribs or loin chops $1.77

Blueberries 18oz $2


Bananas $.35lb

Blueberries 11oz $1.88

Peaches/nectarines $.59lb

Red/green leaf lettuce $.89

Yoplait yogurt $.50

Gaterade $.88

Farmer john bacon $1.99

Milk ½ gal $.88

Split chicken breast $.97lb

Fresh and Easy

Fresh Mushrooms 5oz $.98

Nectarines/ plums $.75lb

Whole fresh chicken $.77


Shamrock dairy products 50% off

Oranges/pears $.88lb

Boneless pork loin $1.99lb

Boneless beef chuck roast $2.88lb

Kraft or sargento shreds/bar $2

Sandwich bread $1

Chicken of the sea tuna $.79

Bottles water 24pk $2.79

Powerade $.50

Blueberries 6oz $.88

Goldfish $.99

Frozen boneless chicken breast in 3lb bag $4.77

Bratworst/Italian sausage 18oz $1.99

Buy 10 and save

Doritos $1.88

Ragu $.99

Am beauty pasta $.39

Marie calendar dinners $1.79

Pepsi 2 ltr $.99

Chex mix/bugles $1.49

Toaster struedal $1.49

Peanut butter $1.99

Oscar meyer deli fresh lunch meat $2.99

Pros ranch Market

Pepsi 24 pk $4.99

Tomato sauce $.25

Fritos/cheetos $1.99


Mangoes $.25

Strawberries $.99

t-bone steak $3.99

cantelope 5 lbs $.99

Wednesday only

Corn on cob 5 for $.99

Bananas $.25

Red grapes $.79

Nectarines $.50lb

White rose potatoes 5 lbs for $.99

Baby carrots $.99

White onions $.33lb

Avocado $.59

Thurs only

Pork picnic roast $.99

Fresh pork spareribs $1.89lb

Ground beef 73% $1.79lb


Cantelope $.67

Bananas $.49lb

Avocado $.77

Assorted pork chops $1.49lb

Boneless skinless chicken breast $1.99lb

Milk $1.67

Boneless beef round steak $2.99lb

Smart and Final

Ragu $.99

Breyers $2.49

Shasta 12 pk $1.99


Red bell peppers $.33

Red, black, green grapes $1lb

Cantelopes $.33

Romaine, red green leaf lettuce $.99

Thursday, August 9, 2012

This weeks best grocery deals


Whole chicken $.67lb

Ground beef 80/20 $1.99lb

London broil/pork back ribs $2.99lb

Cantelope $.88

Nectarines $.99lb

Pepsi 12pk $2.25

Milk $1.50

General mills cereal $1.99

Nature valley/fiber one gronaola bars $2.27

Powerade $.58

Ragu/ am beauty pasta $.75(buy 4)

Hansens apple juice 64oz $1.69

Rice/pasta roni $.88

Store brand chunck cheese 8oz $1.66


Ground chuck $1.99lb

Red grapes $.69lb

Tomato on vine $.87lb

Boneless pork loin $1.88lb

Cheetos/fritos $1.88

Buy 10 of the following and save

Tilamook cheese bar and shred $1.79

Hillshire deli meat $2.49

Pepsi 2 ltr $.88

Totinos froz pizza $.88

Quaker/keebler.mothers cookies $1.99

Natures own bread $1.99

Store brand peanut butter $1.99

Smuckers jelly $1.99

Kellogs cereal/special K bars $1.99

Blue bunny ice cream $2.49

Eggo waffles $1.99

Store brand granola bars $1.99

Ritz/chips ahoy $2.49

Fri-Sun only

Boneless top sirloin $2.77lb

Watermelon $1.19lb

Gaterade $.69

Bashas water botthles 24 pk $2.27

Fresh and Easy

Broccoli florets frozen 12oz $.98

Store brand salad romaine $.98

Whole fresh chicken $.77


Cheezit $2

Powerade $.57

Pop tarts $1.66

Cherries $1.19lb

Clementines 3lb bag $2.99

Store brand cheese 16 oz bar shred or 24 pk singles $2.99

Farmer john bacon $1.97

Boneless skinless chicken breast $1.65lb

Pork loin back ribs $2.67lb

Pros ranch Market

Roma tomatoes $.33lb

Cherries $.99lb

Beef chuck steak $1.99lb

Sugar 4lb $1.99

Avocado $.69

Chicken leg quarters $.67lb

Ground beef 73% lean $1.79lb

Country style pork ribs $1.79lb


Strawberries $.99

Bananas $.33lb

Wednesday only

Cantaloupe $.20lb

Corn on cob 6 for $.99

Cucmbers 6 for $.99

Thurs only

Ground beef 80/20 $2.99lb

Pork sirloin chops bone-in $1.49lb

Boneless beef bottom round steaks $2.29lb

fresh beef/pork chorizo $1.99lb


Red, black, green grapes $.79lb

Corn $.25

Tomatoes $.99lb

Whole boneless pork loin $1.99lb

Boneless country style ribs $1.69lb

Betty crocker fruit snacks.roll ups $.99

GM cereal $1.49

Quaker cereal $1.99

Smart and Final

Shasta 2 ltr $.69

Hostess twinkies/cupcakes $1.99


Grapes $.99lb

Strawberries $2

Raspberries 6oz $2

Blueberries 16oz $1.50

Pork loin chops/roast $1.99

White corn $.20 ea (fri-sun)