Thursday, June 30, 2011

This week's best grocery deals

Chicken breast boneless skinless $1.67lb
Fresh corn 8 for $1
Fresh apple pie $2.99
Lays chips $1.77
Dryers ice cream $2.50
Milk $1.79
Ground beef 80% lean $1.99lb
Top sirloin or petit sirloin steak $3.99lb
Ballpark, Nathans, or Hebrew national hot dogs buy one get one free
Nabisko crackers $1.49
Mix and Match buy 8
Chips aho $1.99
Koolaid canister $1.99
Velveeta shells n cheese $1.49
Kraft salad dressing $1.49
Jellopudding or gelatin $.75
Coolwhip $.75

Tbone steak $3.99lb
Sirloin $2.99lb
Corn $.19
Watermelon $.15lb
Bananas $.47lb
Coke 12 pks $2.22 (buy 4)
Ball park, Nathans or Oscar meyer 50% off
4 day sale Fri-Mon only
Fresh ground round $1.87lb
Strawberries 1lb pk $.89
Bashas water bottles $1.99
Lays chips $1.77
Dreyers ice cream $2.50
8 piece fried chicken in deli $4.77


Strawberries $.77
Mangos 3 for $1
Roma tomatoes $.77lb
Peaches, plums, nectarines $.77lb
Kroger cheese shreds or chunks $1.50
Hebrew national hot dogs $1.99
Coke or pepsi products 12 pks $2
Lays chips $1.77

Breyers ice cream $2.49
White or yellow cornon cob 6 for $1
Ground beef 80% lean $1.99lb (thurs only)
Mini watermelon $1.49 ea (fri only)
Tony roma ribs $5 (fri only)
Johnsonville brats 3lb pk $2.66 (Sat only)
16 pies deli chicken $8.99 (mon only)

Smart and Final
Pork spare ribs $1.89lb
Boneless skinless chicken $1.77lb

Strawberries $.88
Cantaloupe $.88
Peaches, nectarines, plums $.99lb
Extra lean ground beef $1.99lb
Roasted chicken $4.99
Blueberries $2 pt.
Whole pnapple $1.50

Thursday, June 23, 2011

This week's best grocery deals

Cantaloupe $.77ea
Coke product 12 pks $2.22
Ground chuck 5lbs or more $1.99lb
Chicken breast boneless skinless $1.67lb
Pork loin half or rib half roast $1.77lb
Check out their in-ad coupons like $.99 american cheese and peanut butter

Chicken breast boneless skinless $1.67lb
Fresh ground round $1.87lb
Peaches $.87lb
Blueberries 11oz $1.87
Pork chops boneless center cut $1.87lb
Pepsi products 12 pks $2.50 ea (buy 5)
General mills cereal $1.99
Food club ice cream $.99 Thurs only
Water bottles 24pk $1.99 Sat only
Roma tomatoes $.50lb Mon only

Fresh and Easy
Red grapes $.99lb

Black or raspberries 6oz $.98
Cantaloupe/honey dew $.88ea
Dole salad $.88
Cheese bars or shreds $1.50
Totinos pizzas or pizza rolls $1
Goldfish crackers $1
Cottage cheese, sour cream, or dip $1

Boneless london broil/top round $2.29lb
Assorted bone in pork chops $1.79lb
General mills cereal $1.99
Pepsi products 12 pk $$2.49
Cantaloupe $.77ea
Peaches $.88lb
Fresh express salad $99

Smart and Final
Whole chicken $.79lb
Iceberg lettuce 2 for $1.49
Strawberries 4lb pk $3.99
Shasta soda 12 pk $1.99

Peaches/nectarines $.49b
Black, ras, strawberries 6-16oz $1.99
Red or black plums $.88lb
Onions red or yellow $.49lb
Canteloupes $.77ea
Boneless skinless chicken breast $1.97lb
Sirloin tip roast $2.99lb