Thursday, September 29, 2011

This week's best grocery deals

Half pork loin $1.97lb
Red grapes $.77lb
7 Up product 12 pk $2.75
Hot pockets $1.49
Caprisun/koolaid jammers $1.79
Kraft salad dressing $1.66
Kraft pudding cups $.50

Milk ½ gal $.88
Strawberries $.98
Boneless skinless chicken breast $1.67lb
Gaterade $.77

Eggs buy1 get 1 free
Sargento cheese sliced and shreds 5-8oz $1.88
Yoplait yogurt $.50
Boneless half pork loin $1.88lb
Plums or naval oranges $.88lb
Pepsi 24pks $4.97
Blue bunny ice cream $2.77
Fritos / cheetos $1.77
Chicken of sea lt tuna $.69
Bar S brand bacon, ham, sausage 40% off
Powerade %.59
Michaelinas entrée $.88

Boneless beef chuck pot roast 50%off
Milk $1.57
Red del or granny smith apples $.77lb
Cheetos/fritos $1.49

Red or green grapes $.99lb
Watermelon $.25lb
Avocados $.49ea
Red, white, yellow onions $.49lb

Thursday, September 22, 2011

This week's best grocery deals

Assorted pork chops bone-in $1.98lb
Sanderson farms whole chicken, legs or thighs $.98lb
Coke product 12 pks $2.96 (buy 3 with min $25 purchase)
Gaterade or hawiian punch $.88
Hunts spaghetti sauce or am beauty pasta $.88
Michaelinas frozen dinners $.88
Check the in ad coupons for more great deals

Sanderson farms whole fryer $.67lb
Green grapes $.88lb
Beef chuck roast bone in buy one get one free
Gala apples $.88lb
Food club cheese chunck, shreds or cubes 6-8oz $1.66
Red baron froz pizza $2.88
Water 24 pk ½ ltr $2.88
Fri, Sat, Sun only
Eggs $.88
Sandwich bread $.99
Avocados $.44
Crusty bread 8oz $.79

Fresh and Easy
Red or green grapes $.77lb

Kroger cheese bar or shred 16oz $2.99
Boneless skinless chicken breast $1.67
All shamrock dairy items 40%off
Buy 10 and save
Easy mac $.49
7 up 2 ltr $.89
Caprisun/koolaid jammers $1.49
General mills cereal $1.99
Digiorno or calif. Pizaza kitchen $4.49
Del monte canned fruit $.89
Hngry man dinners $1.79
Simply juice $2.72

London broil $2.29lb
Ground beef 93%lean $2.99lb
Fresh express $.99
Red grapes $.88lb
Buy 8 and save
Hostess cakes $2.49
Dreyers ice cream $2.99
Tropicana juice $2.49
GM cereal $1.89
Raspberries $1.49
Gaterade 8pk $3.99

Peaches/nectarines $.67lb
Red/black plums $.99lb
Naval oranges $.99lb
Gala apples $.99lb

Thursday, September 15, 2011

This week's best grocery deals

Boneless skinless chicken breast $1.77lb
Strawberries $.99
Milk $1.57
Fresh ground chuck value pk $1.99lb
Buy 8 mix and match
GM cereal $1.49
Betty crocker cake mix or frosting $.99
Totinos pizza rolls 15 ct $.99
Pillsbury cresant or cinnamon rolls $1.49
Pillsbury grands $.99
Betty crocker helper $.99
Gold medal flour $1.99

Milk $1.79
Fresh ground chuck $1.99lb
Bananas $.39
Oscar meyer delifresh packages meat $2.50
Doritos $1.99
Rotisserie chicken $4.88 (thurs only)

Fresh and Easy
Cantaloupe $.98

GM cereal $1.99
Raspberries 6oz $.97
Pork baby back ribs or st Louis style spare ribs $2.77lb
Buy 10 mix and match
Del monte canned fruit $.89
Kraft BBQ sauce $.60
Prego $1.49
Chips ahoy $1.99
Gogurt $1.49
Kraft salad dressing $1.49
Kraft mayo $2.79

Boneless skinless chicken breast $1.67lb
Nectariense $.77lb
Milk $1.57

Smart and Final
Chicken breast bone-in $.99lb
Russet potatoes 10lb bag $1.69

Red or green grapes $.69lb
Red/green bell peppers 3 fot $1
Naval oranges/ gala apples $.88lb
Red leaf, romaine lettuce $.99
White peaches, nectarines or red/blk plums $.88lb

Thursday, September 8, 2011

This week's best grocery deals

AlbertsonsAssorted pork chops $1.67lb
Whole chicken fryers, legs, thighs $.88lb
Fresh express salad $.99
Raspberries 6oz $.99
Milk $1.57
Store brand cereal 11-20oz $.99
Prego $1.49
Campbels soup 51 varieties $1
Goldfish 6.6-8oz $.99
Store brand penut butter $1.77
Grape jelly 18oz $1.50

Boneless skinless chicken breast $1.77lb
Assorted port chops $1.79
Bashas homestyle 24oz bread $1.99
Red or green grapes $.88lb
Cantaloupe $.88
Gala apples, Bartlett pears or naval oranges $.88lb

Frys½ gal milk $.88
Kroger cheese 6-8oz bar or shred $1.79
Cantaloupe $.77
Hormel products 40%off
Boneless half pork loin $1.97lb
Kroger yogurt 3 for $1
Post cereal $1.97
Gaterade $.67 (must buy 15)

Boneless beef round steak $1.99lb
Assorted pork chops $1.99lb
Gala apples $.88
Safeway potatoes 5lb $1.49
Hormel natural choice or budding lunch meat 6-12oz $1.99
Sat-Sun onlyBar S smoked sausage $3.99
Ragu sauce $1.11
Oreos $1.99

SproutsPeaches or nectarines $.67lb
Red, black or green grapes $.88lb
Oranges, pears, or gala apples $.88
Roma tomatoes $.67lb
Stawberries, blueberties, raspberries or blackberries 6-16oz $2.50