Thursday, October 11, 2012

this weeks best grocery deals

Ground beef 93% lean $2.77lb
Cantelope $.99
Quaker cereal $1.99
Land o lakes lunch meat 9 oz $1.99
Borden sliced cheese 12oz $1.99
Bar s bacon $2.99
Handi snack pudding $.50
Store brand mac n cheese $.50
Ragu $.75
Kens salad dressing $.99
Knorr pasta or rice sides $.69
Campbells chicken noodle/tomato soup $.69
Chicken of sea tuna $.69
Old orchard juice 64oz $1.49
Progresso soup $1.07
Cheetos / fritos $1.99
Minute maid orang juice pure squeezed $2.50

Milk ½ gal $.79
Sandwich bread $.79
Split chicken breast or leg quarters $.79lb
Bananas $.25lb
Red grapes $.87lb
Avocados $.33
Bottles water 24pk $2.50
Pork baby back ribs $2.88lb
Land o lakes butter $1.99
Caprisun/koolain jammers $1.49
Bulls eye BBQ sauce $1.49
Kraft boxed macaroni dinners $1.99
Kraft singles 16 slices $1.99

Fresh and Easy
Pumpkins $3
Apple juice $1.50
Roma tomatoes $.75lb
Salad $.98

Ground chuck 80/20 $2.49lb
Pears or gala apples $.79lb
Boneless skinless chicken breast $1.99lb

Pepsi 2 ltr $.99
Tombstone frozen pizza $2.50
Breyers ice cream $2.79
Chips ahoy  $2
Nabisco crackers $2
Lean cuisine/stoffers froz dinners $2
Quaker cereal/oatmeal $2
Store brand cheese bar or shred 8oz $1.88
Store brandYogurt $.33
cottage cheese, sour cream, dip 24oz $1.88
ore ida hash browns $2.50
banquet sausage links $.88

Pros ranch Market
Tomatoes $.25lb
Jalepenos $.25lb
Pepsi 12 pk $2.50
Pork country style ribs $.97lb
Avocados $.50
Store brand sugar 4lb bag $1.79
Ramen 12pk $1.99
Chicken drum stick/thigh $.77lb
Pork stew meat $1.79lb
Ground beef 73% lean $1.79lb
Whole chicken $.99
Cucumbers $.17 ea
Limes $.33lb
Fresh broccoli $.50lb
Carrots 1lb bag unpeeled $.33
Pork spare ribs $1.59lb
Watermelon $.12lb
Corn on cob $.25
Cantaloupe $.25lb
Wednesday only
Brown onions $.12lb
Bananas $.25lb
Iceberg lettue $.33
Red plums $.33lb
Red potatoes $.25lb
Thurs only
Smoked ham Bafar brand in deli $.99lb
Pork sirloin chops or roast bone-in $.99lb
Beef top round steak $2.29lb

Assorted pork chops $1.99
Ranchers reserve boneless beef chuck cross rib roast $2.99lb
Corn on cob $25 ea
Keebler crackers $1.99
Barilla pasta $1

Smart and Final
Store brand chicken legs or thighs $.99lb
Russet potatoes 5lb bag $.69
Pumpkins $2.99
Aunt jemima syrup 24oz $1.99
Aunt jemima pancake mix $1.99

Red grapes $.88
Yellow onions $.50lb
Red bell pepper $.33
Green bell pepper $.50
Leaf lettuce $.99
Yams $.99lb
Valencia oranges $.88lb
Sirloin tip roast $2.99lb

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