Thursday, September 20, 2012


Chicken thighs, drumsticks, leg quarters, or fryer $.88lb

Red grapes $.68lb

Coke 12pks $2.88

Assorted pork chops bone-in $1.28lb

Beef chuck cross rib or bottom round roast or steak $2.88lb

Sour cream $.88

Rice/pasta a roni $.88

Kraft pudding cups $.88

Store brand dry pasta $.88

General mills ceral $1.98

Betty crocker fruit snacks $1.48

Honey suckle white frozen turkey breast $1.88lb


Boneless skinless chicken breast $1.67lb

Strawberries $.97

Asparagus $1.77lb

Gala apples $.87lb

Store brand granola bars $1.49

Complete pancake mix $1.49

Syrup 32 oz $1.49

Store brand potato chips $1.49

Boneless pork loin $1.87lb

Red or green bell peppers $.50ea

Red /green leaf lettuce $.87ea

Store brand cheese chunck, shred or cubes $1.88

Store brand canned pasta , tomatoes or vegetables $.69

Store brand pasta $.69

Fresh and Easy

Red/green grapes $.98lb

Boneless beef eye of round roast, London broil or chuck steak $2.99lb

Store brand orange juice $2.50


Hamburger/hot dog buns $.99

Red grapes $.75lb

Pepsi/7up 2 ltr $.99

Popscicle/fudgescicle 6-8ct. $.99

Knorr sides $.99

Hunts tomatoes $.99

Zatarains or rice a roni $.99

Dennisons chili $.99

Boneless skinless chicken breasts $1.67lb

Bonless chuck roast $2.99lb

Quaker granolabars $1.66

Kroger party pail ice cream $4.49

Sandwich bread $.99

Pillsbury biscuits/cinnamon rolls $.99

Bushes beans $.99

Quaker ceral $1.88

Kroger cheese shreds, sliced, or chunk $1.88

Eggo waffles $1.79

Frys tortilla chips $1.19

Kroger frozen veggies 9-12oz $.99

Canned fruit $.99

Pros ranch Market

Kellogs cereal $2

Gala apples $.50lb

Strawberries $.99

Beef chuck blade steak $1.99lb

Eggs 18ct $1.79

Sugar 4lb $1.79

Powerade $.59

Fresh French bread $.87

Kechup 24oz $.99

Danimals yogurts $1.88

Chicken breast bone-in $.98lb

Beef chuck blade steak bone-in $1.99lb

Ground beef 73% lean $1.69lb

7 bone chuck steak $2.59lb

Brown onions $.17lb

Fresh pineapple $.50lb

Red potatoes $.33lb

Cilantro $.25lb

Baby carrots $.99

Fresh tortillas 30ct $2.50


Avocados $.50

Corn on cob $.20ea

Oranges $.20lb

Marinated carne asada $2.99lb

Wednesday only

Bananas $.25lb

Limes $.25lb

Tomatoes $.33lb

Thurs only

Chicken drumsticks $.89lb

Pork pic nic roast $.99lb

Boneless beef ribeye $3.99lb

Farmer john sausages 8oz $.99

Country style pork ribs $1.29lb

Beef back ribs $.99


Pillsbury cake mix $1

Assorted pork chops bone in $1.49b

Ranchers reserve top sirloin $2.99lb

Ranchers reserve beef chuck steak $2.99lb

Yellow onions 3lb bag $.99

Russet potatoes 5lb bag $.99

Smart and Final

Russet potatoes 10lb bag $1.49

Chunk cheese 16oz $2.99

Milk $1.69


Red/blk/grn grapes $.69lb

Red/grn bell peppers $.33

Red, wht, sweet onions $.88lb

Baby carrots $.99

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