Wednesday, November 28, 2012

This week's best grocery deals

Milk $1.67
GM cereal $1.49
Ruffles, cheetos, fritos $1.99
Boneless skinless chicken breast $1.77lb
Boneless pork sirloin chops $1.77lb
Ground beef 80/20 $1.99lb
Clementine 3lb bag $2.50
Lg eggs $1
Sandwich bread $1
Sunny D 64oz $1
Progresso bread crumbs $1
Store brand sour cream, cottage cheese $1

Whole pork loin $1.19lb
½ gal milk $.88
Pineapple, fresh $1
Yoplait $.50
Barilla pasta $.88
Del monte pasta sauce $.88
Starkest chunk white tuna $.88
Land o lakes deli shaved lunch meat $1.99
Bashas bottles water 24 pk $2.88

Fresh and Easy
Gala apples/rainbow pears $.79lb
Avocados $.50
Fresh Italian loaf $.98
Store brand canned beans $.98
Roma tomatoes $.98lb
Store brand frozen vegetables 16oz $.98

Store brand Cheese bar or shreds 8o $1.99
GM cereal $1.99
Fritos/cheetos $2
Prego pasta sauce $1.99
Hamburger, chicken or tuna helper $1
Tombstone frozen pizza $2.50
Clementines 3lb bag $2.77
Boneless skinless chicken breast $1.67lb
Powerade $.59
Store brand canned vegetables $.60
Store brand canned beans $.69
Hunts or rotel tomatoes or sauce $1
Saltines $1.50

Pros ranch Market
Bar S meat franks $.77
Fuji apples $.50lb
Avocados $.25
Pork shoulder picnic roast $.98lb
Sugar 4lb bag $1.99
Vegetable oil 40 oz $1.99
Bone in chicken breast $.98lb
Tomato sauce $.25
Bone in beef shank $2.29lb
Chicken drumsticks $.99lb
Ground beef 73% lean $1.89lb
Wednesday only
Seedless watermelon $.14lb
Bananas $.33lb
Iceberg lettuce $.33 ea
Corn on cob $.25ea
Oranges $.33lb
Thurs only
Bone in beef chuck blade steaks $2.29lb
Tilapia fish fillets $.99lb
Pork country style ribs $1.49lb

Whole pork shoulder blade roast $1.49
Boneless beef chuck pot roast $2.99lb
Milk $1.57
Navel oranges 8lb bag $3.88
Kraft salad dressing $1.49
Keebler townhouse/club crackers $1.99
Doritos $1.75
Imperial margarine $.75
Caprisun $1.49
Kraft/velveta diners $1.79
Hunts pasta sauce $.79
Nabisco crackers $1.99

Smart and Final
Chicken leg quarters $.79
CH sugar 5lb bag $2.49
Farmer john pork shoulder picnic roast $.99lb

Roma tomatoes $.49lb
Avocados $.49ea
Spinach, leaf pr romaine lettuce $.77
Gold or red delicious apples $.77lb
Boneless skinless chicken breast $1.88lb
Onions, yellow or white $.49
Green peppers, cucumbers $.50 ea
Center cut pork loin roast $2.99lb

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